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Corporate & Training videos


Communicating on Camera

The television medium is a growing marketing choice amongst many small or large businesses today. The response is immediate. The “show- and – tell” aspect has the viewer immediately involved and curious. These options include: 

Business programs - mainstream TV

Business programs- online 

Corporate and training videos

Web interactive promotional segments

Corporate commercials


However, as dynamic and effective as Television exposure can be, so can standing in front of a camera be intimidating.

Break this psychological barrier and enable your personal involvement in the most powerful medium! This hands-on module will introduce you to the camera in a gentle, non-intimidating manner.

In this module, participants will be shown how to connect with the viewer/s and deliver their message and content with maximum impact.

In a matter of 2 hours, a confident and comprehensive delivery will allow you to present your own segments on the most dynamic medium of all… Television.

This module is an eye-opener for any employer or employee who thinks they may, at some stage, become involved in promoting or presenting company information in front of a camera - from training and corporate videos, to on-air interviews and product launches.

Media Product Launches

Television is the most powerful medium when used strategically as a platform to release specific and innovative information to the public.

The options available to your company to launch your new product/service are:

  1. Pre-recorded appearances on Business magazine programs
  2. Business news segments (recorded on-site at your company’s premise)
  3. Business interviews
  4. Advertorial

This module will advise you on how to approach this medium from the preparatory stages up until the final delivery. You will be shown skills for all product-launch formats, which will include: Research and preparation; delivery of product information directly to camera, interaction with host presenter and product demonstration.

This module will motivate you to explore a promotional and marketing platform that has the capacity to place your product/service in every home/business.

This module would comprehensively inform and motivate Marketing and Promotional Managers, Sales Executives and any person responsible for the creative media exposure of new products, concepts and services to the public on mass.

**Contacts are provided for all Television Business Programs on request.
**The same module can be modified to suit ‘live-audience’ product launches.

Video Conferencing/Webinars

Communicating to your colleagues/clients or a sales/management team (for example) through your webcam while sitting at your computer is not only aneconomical alternative to a live presentation but also a time saving one. In fact statistics tell us that business media has taken off at an alarming rate and companies all over the world are resorting to this innovative method, which includes:

·         Webinars (small seminars & presentations)

·         Video conferencing (large seminars & presentations)

·         Training seminars (for all levels of employees)

·         Media interviews (in-house, corporate video or mainstream TV)

·         Webhosting (Personally delivered online segments about your product/services)

·         Webcasts (Business news-cast to your employees or colleagues)

·         Recruitment (Interviews conducted via computer camera)

If you are considering choosing this method of communication, you will need some camera skills to know how to connect effectively through the webcam to enable maximum results.
Most people who do not have the skills may be affected by this impersonal method of communicating.

This workshop is a hands-on, practical experience which will give you skills to feel confident in front of the camera so you can motivate, inform and drive your message home with conviction. It is an innovative, dynamic method which will change your whole approach to communicating with your staff and colleagues which in turn will save you time and money.

Web-site - Promotional video segments

(Pre-recorded footage of promos; interviews, demos; client feedback; management I.D’s)

A cleverly designed, user-friendly website can be more effective than newspaper or magazine advertising. The following inclusions will maximize your web site’s effectiveness:

  1. Promotional footage to personalize, highlight or demonstrate your product/service
  2. Interviews to validate your company’s reputation
  3. I.D’s to introduce your management and staff
  4. Demonstration of products and/or service
  5. Live client feedback/comments

Promotional video segments are one of the latest web tools used to personalize and promote your company’s specialty, products and service to prospective clients.

This module will inform and prepare all persons involved in the compilation of interactive material for company websites. It is also useful for any company employer/employee who is involved in the actual delivery of material for the purpose of personalizing the company’s image, service and specialty.

Media Interviews – Magazine

A magazine interview is a creative interactive option to release very specific information in a personalized manner. This is available through the use of television business programs; webinars (web conferences); corporate videos and promotional website segments.

There is an artful skill in delivering the questions/answers in a relaxed and yet informative manner. Finding the balance is the key. Your viewer/recipient needs to be motivated enough to think beyond the interview once it is completed. To be provided with sufficient relative information enabling them to form a defined impression or make a precise decision.

A good magazine interview not only informs but also motivates an active response.

This module is suitable for anybody who works in a business capacity as it covers general interviewing techniques, which can be utilized for on-air and off-air interviews.

Media Interviews - Hardline

Controversial media interviews can either positively promote or negatively expose your company. Journalists sometimes may phrase their questions in a manner that is blatant and intended to create spectacle.

There is a knack to “handling the media” and it begins with understanding what they want to achieve from your interview. In this module, we approach it hands-on with examples of mock interviews, which throw you in the deep end by simulating the real situation.

Learn how to:

  1. Read between the lines
  2. Sidetrack negative exposure
  3. Manage your information
  4. Speak with authority and credibility
  5. Steer the outcome

Whether you are the chief executive, media spokesman or middle management this module will prepare you for the unexpected.

This module is suitable for media spokesman, top and middle management as well as politicians who are required to provide the public with specific information regarding a (sometimes) controversial matter.

Corporate & Training videos

A well-designed corporate video can save thousands of dollars in advertising. This marketing tool is used to target specific audiences with the sole purpose of:

  1. Introducing your company
  2. Providing visual information from any component within your company.
  3. Introducing new concepts
  4. Qualifying the credibility of the company.
  5. Using as a platform to propose future intentions/plans of a company.

The visual component is designed to inform and influence using a “show- and-tell” dynamic. Corporate videos are designed to utilize the visual component to highlight and ‘drive home’ its message.

Training videos work very similarly in that they are produced to train staff in the introduction of new products, services or acquiring specific information regarding change of company policies. They are also used as a motivational tool delivering inspiring and reward-based messages to staff.

In this module you will acquire strategic formatting skills that will help you design the framework for a dynamic corporate or training video.

This module will inspire everyone to become involved. It can relate to any component within the overall infrastructure of a company and take it into the offices of decision-making Executives, boardrooms and conference centers around the world. Thes videos can also be used to inform and motivate your employees.