The 4 P’s - presentation workshop
The Power of the Voice
Anxiety and Public Speaking
Target your talk!


Credibility + Charisma = Connection

Connection is the key to achieving maximum results when presenting to any audience. What is connection? It is a combination of knowing and understanding your subject, presenting it with charisma and confidence but most importantly presenting it in a manner that paints the concept so vividly that the recipient can already picture the results.

We call this method of presenting The ‘C’ Equation. In this workshop we use cameras to capture each person’s performance from an on-lookers stance to allow feedback, reflection, modification and correction.

  • A unique method of training using cameras for feedback.
  • Enables the candidate to receive a first hand view of his/her own presentation
  • Develops and exhibits the true personality/magnetism of each individual.

Learn how to:

  • Acknowledge your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Build on your strengths and modify your weaknesses.
  • Confront your inhibition and developing strategies to combat performance anxiety.
  • Find ‘the dynamic presenter in you’.
  • Developing adlibbing techniques that define your message using more spontaneity.
  • Achieve maximum results from learning how to ‘connect’ with your audience.

A hands-on workshop which explores and develops dynamic techniques for all presentations.
1 or 2 day workshop – preferably 2 day. It has up to 6 modules.


Business via webcam

For Video conferencing and webinars

Video Conferencing is changing how we ‘do’ business

Communicating to a board of colleagues/clients or a sales team (for example) through your webcam, while sitting at your computer, has not only become an economical alternative to a live presentation but also a time saving one. In fact statistics say that business media has taken off at an alarming rate and companies all over the world are resorting to this innovative method, which includes:

  • Webinars (small seminars & presentations)
  • Video conferencing (large seminars & presentations)
  • Training seminars (Training for all levels of employees)
  • Media interviews (In-house, corporate video or mainstream TV)
  • Webhosting (Personally delivered online segments about your products/services)
  • Webcasts (Business news-cast to your employees or colleagues)
  • Recruitment (Interviews conducted via webcam)

If you are considering choosing this method of communication, you will need some camera skills to know how to connect to enable maximum results.

Most people who do not have the skills will be affected by this impersonalized method of communicating…except broadcasters, because they have been shown the techniques.

This workshop is a hands-on, practical experience which will show you how to feel confident in front of the camera motivate, inform and drive your message home with conviction. It is an innovative, effective method which will change your whole approach to communicating with your staff and colleagues which in turn will save you a huge amount of time and money.

The 4 P’s - presentation workshop

Planning + preparation + packaging + passion = powerful product launch

If you have ever wanted to know how to design, co-ordinate and present your own product launch, this workshop will deliver the information to you from every angle.

It’s a hands-on workshop that will present an opportunity to build an idea from scratch and present it to your colleagues. It involves:

  • The planning of a presentation/product launch including timing, venue, audience, length, mode etc
  • The preparation of your content including research, designing and scripting of content
  • Packaging your content including style, format (podium/demo/power-point) etc
  • The presentation is then rehearsed to achieve total connection with your audience.

This is a 1 or 2 day workshop that is designed to inform, inspire and instil creative confidence into anyone who believes they can develop and deliver a presentation, but has not yet had the opportunity to obtain sufficient knowledge, technique or confidence to do so.

The Power of the Voice

Discover the tone that triggers the right reaction!

One of the most underestimated ingredients in presentation is the voice. Whether it is a phone call, a conference, a job interview or a product launch, (etc)…

Your voice tells a lot about you and your state of mind

Understanding how your voice can affect your delivery is vital to the final outcome. Think about the quality of your voice and answer these questions:

  • Does your voice reveal your underlying mood or anxiety?
  • Do you stall or stutter when you feel apprehensive?
  • Does your breathing affect your tone or style of speech?
  • Do you slur or not open your mouth enough when you talk?
  • Does your pitch alter when you are anxious?
  • Do people take you seriously when you speak?

This is a one-day workshop suitable for any person who wishes to improve their vocal ‘image’ and exude credibility through the tone of their voice’.
(The use of cameras and/or a voice recorder is used during training, for feedback.)

Anxiety and Public Speaking

At some stage during your professional career you will be expected to present in public.
For some, it’s as easy as boiling an egg ….for others it can be extremely nerve wracking. What is it that conjures up such enormous levels of anxiety? Without it, we can all be great orators. There is an answer!

  • Find out what triggers the fear in you
  • Assess how this state of mind affects your delivery.
  • Learn how to focus on the content and not the impression you are making.
  • Learn skills to use your nervous energy to enhance your delivery.
  • Learn unique techniques that will see the end to your anxiety – permanently.

Even the most confident speaker will benefit from this workshop as it dissects your delivery, removing the negative emotions that can rob you of your confidence.

This one-day workshop can be the turning point in any speaker’s career.

Sales/Telesales – Target your talk!

Presentation and communication workshop for sales/telesales consultants


Sales consultants usually know these 4 ‘commandments’:
Know the product well; find your clients need for the product; read the buying signs and know when to close the sale. There is however, much more to closing that sale.

What sales consultants don’t always know:

  • How your voice affects your result.
  • How anxiety (sometimes sounding like desperation) affects your result.
  • How poor listening skills can affect your result.
  • How your (unseen) body language affects, your mood, your approach and hence your result.
  • How repetitive calls can effect motivation and hence results.
  • How too much humour and selective charm can affect your result.
  • How ‘too much talk’ can oversell and affect your result.

In this one or 2 day workshop we explore the delivery and presentation skills of the sales consultant. Through a series of hands-on mock sales calls, we discover the pitfalls that can greatly affect results. We highlight the techniques that will ignite motivation. Most importantly we discover each person’s strengths and teach them how to utilise them consistently for maximum results.

This is a fun, dynamic workshop that is uplifting, insightful and results driven.
(The use of training with a camera is optional.)