The following questionnaire will allow us to design an appropriate training program to dramatically enhance each individual's style and delivery.

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Do you feel the need to improve your presentation skills?
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Have you ever presented information to a small/big audience?
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On average how many times per week/month would you be expected to present (information) within a meeting/business capacity?
Do you get nervous prior to talking at a convention/conference/launch/meeting?
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What ingredients do you think make a successful speaker?
Do you think that you have any of these traits which you have described above?
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What do you think are your areas of "weakness" when delivering a presentation?
How much written preparation do you do prior to delivering a presentation?
A lot Medium I'm normally unprepared
Do you require help formatting your brief/information?
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How much do you read at the event?
Most Some None
Have you ever delivered a presentation using just Q-cards or key words?
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How do you rate your adlibbing skills from 1 to 10?
Do you use PowerPoint (etc) at a presentation?
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Is your vocal tone predominantly monotone?
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How do you rate your vocal delivery from 1 to 10? (Pace; inflection; intonation; projection)
How much of your natural personality do you incorporate into your presentation?
Charisma Humour Audience Interaction
Please select the word/s that best describe your presentation
Conservative Stiff Enthusiastic Relaxed Too wordy Entertaining Informative Tense/Anxious Unfocused Enjoyable Too Short Too Long In Control Confident
Will you be required to present information to a small/big audience within the next 12 months?
Yes No
Do you feel fully confident to deliver your next presentation?
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Do you believe that an effective training workshop can enhance your delivery skills and increase your confidence?
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As we encourage training to be recorded on camera (for feedback purposes), are you comfortable with this?
Yes No

Thank you for your co-operation. Our response will include a suggested training program/s that will be designed around your specific requirements. We will be contacting you within 7 days to discuss your assessment results.

**Please note that this assessment is free of charge on verification of your work details supplied at the top of the page.

Should you have any queries please contact Sharon Lynne on (07) 5556-0099 or 0416 026 760 or