Welcome to ExecTalk, subsidiary to the highly successful TV presenter training company, TV Pro Global.

Since 1994 TV Pro Global has been training individuals for Television presenting both in Australia and overseas. It has to date produced some of the finest talent on television. ( www.tvproglobal.com)

Similarly, through ExecTalk, we’ve introduced unique techniques to the business arena for the express purpose of bringing an element of “professional intimacy” to corporate presentation.

Our training concentrates on similar techniques used to train broadcasters. One of the most important skills to engage an audience is connection. Connection is the ability to show true understanding of your content when presenting to an audience/viewer and presenting it with a natural flow and confidence . To motivate an audience, you need to connect effectively with your content. 

Unique method of training

    Why the Broadcast way?

  • TV broadcasters are conscious of “the whole”. Body language is as effective as the content and the vocal delivery. Using this method of training allows participants to find the balance between all of these factors.
  • Broadcasting through the medium of a camera is a very intimate style of communicating, which ultimately builds much trust between you and your viewer.
  • TV Broadcasters need to think on their feet, many times allowing for flexibility of delivery. Speakers focus on being spontaneous while still delivering their message succinctly. Similarly, corporate clients will learn to experiment with flexibility and a selective amount of creative thought to enhance the overall effect and outcome of their presentation. We call this ‘The Human Approach’

‘The Human Approach’

Through extensive survey we have revealed a need for a more human approach when presenting to an audience, colleagues or employees within the corporate arena. Hence ExecTalk has developed highly specialized workshops which incorporate:

  • Hands-on unique delivery techniques
  • Key wording and adlibbing formats
  • Vocal ‘colouring’ skills
  • Spontaneous communication skills
  • The art of performance in presentation
  • Combining personality with presentation
  • Understanding how to connect with your audience
  • Formatting content with an audience's needs in mind
  • Acknowledging, understanding and modifying your anxiety

More about the training

Training on camera allows participants to be objective about their delivery

Most of our training is recorded on camera. Through a process of playback and assessment we are able to modify and correct old habits. Using this method, participants become aware of techniques that enhance their presentation.

  • Each program is tailored precisely to the needs of the individual and/or company.
  • An assessment is given to each participant to ascertain individual strengths and weaknesses prior to training.
  • Cameras are set up to record each training procedure.
  • By viewing presentation, participants can then modify their delivery using specific techniques given to them by their instructor.

Courses include
THE ‘C’ EQUATION – Powerful presentation & communication workshop
BUSINESS VIA WEBCAM - For Video conferencing and webinars
The 4 P’s - presentation workshop – Planning, scripting and packaging your presentation
The Power of the Voice – Discover the tone that triggers the right reaction
Anxiety and Public Speaking –Understanding and modifying presentation- anxiety permanently
Sales/Telesales – Target your talk! - Understanding the hidden messages that can affect your results

Media services include
Media Product Launches
Web-site - Promotional video segments
Media Interviews – Magazine
Media Interviews - Controversial
Corporate & Training videos

Free assessment

Our training programs are specifically designed to suit each individual’s requirements. This is accomplished by an initial assessment which is a FREE analysis to determine the training requirements for each applicant…



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It’s the ‘Human Approach’ that gets results!!